Welcome to J & L's Second Chance,

J & L's Second Chance is a retail store in Longmont Colorado. We buy, sell, and trade all kinds of used, surplus, and second hand merchandise at garage sale prices. Truth be told, we're an everything store.

This is the coolest & Friendliest used store in Longmont Colorado - EVER!
Stop in today and say "Hi".

J & L's Second Chance, Longmont Colorado

Treasure hunters, upcyclers, collectors, sportsman and really everyone who visits is impressed with
our store. We were voted the most unique second hand store in Northern Colorado. Before you go
spend your hard earned money at a big box store call us to see if we have what you need.
Feel free to call us today - 720.340-4096


Washers and Dryers

Now the Home of:

Cornell Appliances

Parts & Information on
All Major Appliances


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